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  • Are you still worried about your body shape?
  • Are you still strictly following a healthy eating plan?
  • Are you still busy at work and having a hard time eating a hot meal?

It's time to hear the story of AIHEAL


| Eco-friendly recipe brings happy time

There is a little girl named Aida. Her mother always uses eco-friendly ingredients to cook the most healthy & delicious dishes every day. Aida is happy to try it and she feels she is loved deeply by this warm family.


| Love me, love you

Although Aida is busy with work, she always makes some simple & delicious meals to reward herself. After the age of 25, Mr.right's strong love made her have more expectations for life, and she began to learn more about the meals her mother used to cook. The love is mutual, and this couple wants to do something in their new life.


| Pass love on to the next generation 

Aida's role is transformed when the child is born. At that time, Aida was always thinking about how to make her busy modern life return to simplicity, as well as how to make her children and more people enjoy better food.


| Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Aida realizes that the modern diet is almost dominated by takeout or fast food. After a long day after work, she longs for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, hoping to reunite in the kitchen or dining room and find solace in steaming hot food. Whether it's a meal for one person, a family or a party, enjoying a healthy living environment at home is an option. Aida feels that life should be so simple, and only in this way can her children and more people enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Let everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy lifestyle find their own small kitchen appliances here.  


To become the world leader in small kitchen appliances for a healthy life.  


Committed to providing small kitchen appliances that make life more environmentally friendly, healthy, friendly, happy and cost-effective.


Mildred Mason


I love AIHEAL. From the thoughtfully created products to the customer service team that seems to go above and beyond, everything is exactly how I'd want it to be. And I think this is a good choice to buy something as a gift for my mom that definitely will surprise her.

Randy Tyler

Personal Stylish

I was looking for an humidifier to replace mone which is starting to tire, it must be said that I have had it for years. My choice fell on this one because I was able to benefit from a promotion. This one is perfect, compact. I am delighted with my purchase.

Edwin MCKenzie

Travel Blogger

Compared to other juices I saw I wanna say for what you spend and the job it does I am really impressed and loved to use this thing! It can get the most juice possible out of your fruits and veggies so you don't feel like your wasting a lot of fruits for nothing like other juicers.